Welcome to our Warranty Page…Below is detailed our warranty terms as well as general conditions applicable when your camera is in our care. Please read the following (and our CAMERA TIPS OR  DIGITAL TIPS page) carefully prior to sending/leaving your camera for repair.

  1. The Warranty period is for 6 months from date of repair. Video & professional cameras warranty period is for 3 months from date of repair. Warranty applies to the actual repair and parts supplied only. The Warranty will be voided where Sand, Grit, Impact, Liquid, Tampering, Abuse and Misuse are found to either contribute or to be the cause of the camera's failure.
  2. Free estimates are an approximation only. If the repair exceeds the estimation by more than 20% we will contact you again for approval to proceed. Batteries are not included in estimation of repairs .
  3. Minimum fee charged for photographic products is $25 + freight where applicableMinimum fee charged for video products $50 + freight where applicable
  4. Once repairs have been commenced and if repairs are unable to be completed due to non availability of parts and/or increased costs or cancellation of repairs by customer, a charge will be made to cover dismantling and reassembling time - this charge would be approximately $25 to $60.
  5. Photographic product written quotations can be obtained for a fee of $25 to $40. Video product written quotations can be obtained for a fee of $50 to $100. Most Insurance Companies accepts these quotations.
  6. The Camera Service Centre is not responsible for the insurance of goods or films and images left with goods TRANSPORTED to us for repair. We recommend that you check your insurance policy to ensure the goods are covered whilst not in your possession.
  7. Goods not collected within 3 months from repair date may be sold to recover the Camera Service Centre's costs (in accordance with the disposal of uncollected goods act 1966).
  8. Items held by the Camera Service Centre past the disposal date, will attract a storage fee, calculated on a daily basis; all charges are payable before collection of goods.